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Community Contribution

Giving back to the society

CPC holds in high esteem, the society that propelled the air beneath our wings making us soar high.

We hold sincere RESPECT and humble APPRECIATION to the society for all that we are today. It is a strongly upheld thought that our existence must add constructive value to the society. Thus is our active involvement in contributing to the community at our best capacity.

Social Presence

We have played a positive role in the community through these services:
● Renovation of Suburban school, Coimbatore.
● Renovation of Peedampalli Government school.
● Renovation of CWC, Coimbatore.
● Completion of several works under the Public utilization sector.
● Supplied complimentary materials to the Siruthuli organization.
● Offered our services to those affected by Chennai floods-2015.

Environmental Compliance

Educated environmental obedience is inculcated amongst our employees to minimize any environmental damage that could occur during the workflow. We strongly commit ourselves to being economically and naturally sustainable and as beneficent to the environment as possible.